Maine Coon kitten in Padova

Would you like to buy a wonderful maine coon kitten in Padova? Prince of Maine is the best solution for you! The Maine Coon, also called the gentle-giant, is the largest domestic breed. They have a medium length head with fairly full cheeks and high cheekbones, the muzzle is square and the chin firm. They are gentle-mannered, friendly , playful and easy to get along with. They’re highly intelligent and able to learn tricks and they get along with cat, dogs and kids.

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Maine Coon Cattery in Padova

Are you looking for a maine coon cattery in Padova? You are in the right place! Prince of Maine is a professional cattery born from the passion, energy and love for these special animals.
Why is Prince of Maine considered the best maine coon cattery in Padova? The cats and their kittens live and grow up in love in this family and the little ones leave their mother and the home after 90 days, vaccinated and dewormed, with their pedigree and on request with microchips. Furthermore, the staff is always focused on the study of the best American bloodlines from which the cats derive their strong and healthy appearance and their fabulous character.