My passion for these wonderful cats borned in the 2001 when I knew a breeder to the international cats show in Padova. She had 2 or 3 cats, but i was impressed from the beauty but expecially from the largeness of one’s: Asso, a beautyful brown tabby maine coon, 11 kg of weight. He was so big for that cage and he had two much intelligent and expressed eyes.
The year after my adventure started with Faboulous Freak, a beautyful Silver male and now I have a small breeding near Padova. My cats with their kittens live and grow in family with me and my husband Marco. They leave their mother and our home after 84 days and they are all vaccinated, with their pedigree and with microchip on request.
They are FIV and FELV negativ and the adults are HCM and PKD tested.
My breeding is recorded FIFE and with Anfi (italian national feline association) we partecipate in the international cats shows with good result.
We make always attention in best american lines, in wich my cats draw their strong and healty body and their wonderful character.


For passionate of fables the Maine Coon would be born between a love with a beautyful female and wild cat from the Maine forest and a racoon.....probably short-sighted so the biologically impossible union!!!!
According to others the Maine Coon would have come from France. In 1793 Maria Antonietta would has given to English Captain Samuel Clough leaving top New England, her six lovely Angora cats. As soon as they arrived, they went far from Captain and they fall in love with some wild cats.
First Maine Coon partecipated to feline exposition to Boston and New York in the 1861. It was a wonderfull black end withe cat, but the interest for this race missed soon for the succes of the Persian Cat.
But in the half of past century it recompared with enormous success and today it is one of the races most appreciated in the world.

Maine coon

In spite of the wild air, it is a calm ,affectionate, extremely intelligent and indipendent cat,
Adapted much good to the apartment life, appreciates the escapes in garden, but we do not make too many problem if the apartment is small an without garden, it will adore to scramble
Up and to relax itself on the “tree for cats” stable and solid. Easy to educate , it has a good feeling with other cats even with the dogs and other animals of new family. The Maine Coon not miaow, it sings and its size is melted to the sound of this miaowing....
It has a semilong and waterproof hair to live in the forests or with whichever climate, it has a soft ruff and a wonderful long tail too. Its legs are strong and with particular tufts of hair between the finger, to walk on the snow.
Its growth ends to the 3 – 4 years old, the male arrives to 10 kg of weight, while the female to 6 kg of weight. For its imposing size is nicknamed “the good Giant”.